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Feed Editor 6.0

Feed Editor is a complete toolbox for quick creating and managing RSS feeds
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Feed Editor is one of the most powerful RSS feed creator programs on the market today. This is due to the advanced control that it provides over all different values of the main feed, as well as all the subsequent feed items.

If this is the first time to create an RSS, don't worry, as the program has ready-made sample templates for regular RSS, iTunes Podcast, and regular Podcast feeds.

The wizard will save you a lot of time and effort, it will explain to you each required item and its supposed value. But it lacks the ability to let you browse for enclosure URLs, so you will have to upload them manually and adjust their file size, and manually choose the corresponding MIME type.

You will be surprised when you discover the fully featured HTML editor, which enables you to build rich text with the power of HTML tags. Once done, the resultant HTML code will be automatically inserted to the active text box.

One additional advanced feature is the "Feed Validator" utility, which analyzes your RSS feed, and shows the warnings and errors that were found. When you click on an item, it will take you directly to the erroneous field so you can correct your input. You may use the integrated XML editor, in case you want to add any custom modification to the XML code of your RSS feed.

The program can also allow you to edit any of your existing different types of feeds, such as RRS, RDS, or Atom formats, even if these files were not created using the program.

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